Team Management

Management work in tandem with leaders whose role is to inspire people towards the vision.

managing teams

Managers are responsible for ensuring that the vision is implemented efficiently and successfully. Management works in tandem with leaders whose role is to inspire people towards the vision. Great managers display leadership and authority while commanding respect from their team through professional behaviour and commitment to their work.

Assembling a great team key to team success. Having a clear vision for the roles and responsibilities required to make a team function effectively and identifying the types of personalities that will fit those roles is important. Studies show that having at least one analytical, process focused person on a team is critical to a teams success. Good managers know the individuals in their team and understand how to motivate each individual so that they work together effectively thereby building positive working relationships.

Effective managers maintain good communication with their team setting goals and deadlines with clarity. They give scope for creativity and out of the box thinking supported by encouraging feedback. They listen and ask questions. This is particularly essential when managing remote teams. Good leaders acknowledge areas where they are personally working towards improvement and thereby develop an environment of innovation and excellence within the team.

Effective team building programs are part of managing a team. Managers should create opportunity for their team to laugh, play and learn together. Carefully chosen team building activities can help team members feel valued and further develop positive relationships within a team.

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